Our nervous system has evolved according to the environmental demands we encountered over the past few hundred million years. And particularly as we evolved from primates into humans - as we spent a couple of million years moving around in family and small tribal groups as hunter gatherers.

Being resilient in the 21st Century

The modern civilised constructed technological world is so different from that original natural environment that our survival-oriented nervous system gets very confused ... to the point that in the 21st century trauma and overwhelm have become and endemic and largely invisible dis-ease. Which in turn causes problems that affect people to varying degrees at a personal level. Which then also has what are turning out to be catastrophic kock-on effects at a societal level, affecting how we collectively view ourselves as humans and interact with other humans in societies and between nations. And this also affects how we view and interact with the Natural world.

The material on this website is intended to provide an understanding and practical tools for use in everyday life to help reverse that trend; to become more resilient and effective in everyday life; and to cultivate a different way of being-in and interacting-with the Natural environment and ecosystem of this small planet.