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A donation of any amount £1 or over gives you full access to existing content for a full 12 months including any content added during that period, subject to the conditions below. 
Tech Support
You select an access password, which matches your email address and can only be retrieved or reset through the website logon - so there is no administrative help available for mundane technical issues.  If you can access the members area but cannot access content, please contact me through this link. 
Your data and the mailing list
The current access/membership list is held in and synchronised to a MailChimp account, so donation also automatically subscribes you to occasional emailing.  Therefore, please note that cancellation of the email list subscription also unsubscribes you from the access list!  Your contact details will NOT be passed to third parties, and will NOT be used to sell branded goods, and there are no marketing cookies associated with this website.  Contact emails will ONLY be used for (i) a small number of notifications for workshops associated with the material presented here**, (ii) one renewal reminder when your subscription is due to expire and (iii) any other urgent administrative notice associated with your subscription.  These will amount to no more than (and probably less than) one email per month. 
(** event emailings will continue after your access subscription is no longer renewed, but you can always unsubscribe as per normal GDPR regulations).
Renewal notices
Because I have not yet run this for a year I don't know exactly how it works when the 12 month subscription expires.  You might get a reminder email, or might not (!)
Visitors comments : house rules
An advantage of having a paid subscription list is that nobody is truly anonymous (although when the comments are running you will be able to choose an anonymous user name) and so helps to maintain a dignified exchange of ideas.  Whenever comments are turned on for your use, please (i) respect all other users, (ii) do NOT offer any opinions that are derogatory or defamatory to any other group of people, (iii) do NOT offer for medical advice other than comments directly related to the material, (iv) do NOT ask for medical advice such that you are encouraging people to offer medical advice(!) outside of comments directly related to the material, and (iv) please do not attempt to sell either goods or your professional services.  Moderating online conversations is a time-consuming business, and so moderation will be fairly sparse.  However, anyone not following these simple house rules will have their comment permission withdrawn for the remainder of the year.  Advertising of any kind or derogatory/defamatory remarks will result in immediate suspension.  Otherwise one warning will be issued and if a subsequent warning needs to be issued, then comment permission suspended for the remainder if the subscription period. If you end up on the wrong side of these rules it will most likely feel to be unfair at the time, but they are in place to ensure safety and order for all users.